Search Engine Optimization is a way of incorporating search engine friendly techniques to improve the visibility of a website on search engine result pages. To drive more traffic to a website, developers use both and creative and technical knowledge that help businesses grow. Apart from social networking sites, search engines are the primary method to navigate Internet users to your website. We must agree that visitors click on average only the top five links displayed in the search results so in order to impact wider audiences for your online store; your website needs to secure a healthy position in search results.


At Epic Technolabs, we believe in the saying, ‘First impressions count’.  It is difficult to make your web page rank higher, but if you play it well, SEO will do it for you. No matter where your potential customer is, Epic Technolabs is a competent digital marketing company that will create a strong online presence of your business to help you reach out to your local or global prospective customers.

What is Included in our Package?
  • Local On-Page Optimization
    • It is important for local clients to get an idea about what your business does and where it is located. Our proficient developers follow the right strategies to get the job done.
    • Our team uses precise local information and the right mix of keywords to avoid discrepancies between your business listings on different directories. Integration of local keywords into the local listing content is our strategy to optimize your website for local search.
    • Another aspect our team focuses on is Local Maps Optimization to help your firm create a presence on Google Maps. We work by encouraging reviews; filling out missing gaps, standardizing NAP data and working on left our fields to improve your business listing on maps.
  • Link Building & Local Listing Citations
    • When it comes to local SEO it is imperative to follow right link building tactics that focus your native customers and help you win over your competition.
    • One of the most important components of local search engine optimization is citations that help Internet users to discover your local business. We focus on Major Business Data Platform citations, Geo/Industry-Specific Platforms and for blogs, news sites, apps, maps or government databases.
    • Our Local SEO experts work hard to find authoritative websites in your specific industry domain that may offer backlinks to your web page.
  • Accurate and Concise Reporting
    • There are several layers to local SEO and we don’t believe in keeping our clients in dark. We provide accurate and concise reporting of visitors, comments and other statistics that help you understand what you are paying for.
    • Our website analytic reporting helps you to determine how our strategies are impacting your business.
    • We provide you a dashboard that contains reports and screenshots on your search position for any given keyword.




Nowadays, people prefer local results more as compared to the one displayed on yellow pages reason beings the easiness to deal with local clients. The higher your website rank on the search engine result page more is the probability of customers to contact your business or organization. SEO has proven to be the most effective strategy to scale up your business. More precisely, if your business wants to target prospective customers to a local area at the exact time they are looking for them, you must opt for a Local SEO company.

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